Meet Trent

Trent is married to Emily (his mom introduced them and if you think she’ll ever let him forget how grateful he should be for that, you are wrong). Emily is far more famous than Trent-she was the USC Gamecock mascot for two years in college and still has her Cocky feet. She gives sound counsel and keeps the entire family on track. Trent has two young sons who love nothing more than shovels, dirt, water of all forms, construction equipment, chasing around the house, and reading books (current favorites are Curious George and Charlotte’s Web). Trent’s father worked in a paper mill and was in the Air Force during Vietnam. His mother was a teacher, beginning with second graders and eventually teaching middle schoolers. His grandfather served in the United States Navy during World War II before being medically discharged from wounds he received when his ship was sunk off Anzio; he then became a salesman and eventually started his own company. His grandmother was a nurse her whole life and baked him thousands of cookies.

Trent joined the Marine Corps at 22, serving 10 years on active duty before joining the Reserves where he continues to serve as a Lieutenant Colonel. He is a Naval Aviator and flew in the back seat of the F/A-18 (just like Goose from Top Gun). He deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan with an infantry unit, and twice to the Western Pacific. Second only to being married to Emily and father to his sons, he counts the privilege of leading and serving with Marines as the greatest honor in his life. After leaving active duty, he used the GI Bill to pursue an MBA from Columbia Business School. He began work in the corporate world for GE and then started his own consulting practice where he focuses on autonomy and helping startups move from idea to product delivery. 

Trent was born and raised in South Carolina and formed a love of vinegar-based barbeque and college football there. Thanks to the Marine Corps, he lived in South Carolina, Virginia, Florida, California, New York, Japan, Iraq, and Afghanistan before moving to Ohio. He was an offensive lineman in high school and tried playing in college before finally realizing he was born too slow. He took up rugby and served as team captain his senior year at Furman University. His love of reading began in second grade and continues to this day. He likes flowers and planned his garden to have flowers in bloom from March until October.